Thank you for visiting the Navistar Truck Group EDI Certification and Testing Web site. Navistar has partnered with Softshare, Inc. to assist with the testing and certification of all Navistar suppliers. Using this site, you will validate your existing EDI solution's ability to successfully receive and translate the new 830 version 004010 with DPAS information. (For more information on the impetus behind the new 830 transaction, click here to review the letter initially sent to Navistar Truck Group suppliers.)

Upon enrollment into this site's certification program, you'll have 90 days in which to complete testing. Navistar will cover all testing costs, assuming you are able to successfuly complete testing within the 90 days. If you are unable to complete testing within 90 days of enrollment, Navistar will be notified and you may be responsible for charges associated with a second round of testing.

After enrollment, this certification Web site will walk you through the certification process, which consists of the following steps:

  1. Download and review both the Business Process Guide and the Implementation Guide for the new version 004010 830 EDI transaction.
  2. Successfully receive, process, and acknowledge the new 830 transaction. You'll receive two 830 transactions (one with DPAS-rated materials and one without) and are expected to return the appropriate 997 functional acknowledgment transactions in response.
  3. Read and acknowledge the Navistar Trucks EDI policy statement for the 830 transaction.

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